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PT. Century Investment Futures is a member of Jakarta Future Exchange (JFX), Indonesian Commodity & Derivatives Exchange (ICDX), Indonesian Derivatives Clearing House, and Identrust Security International (ISI). In July 2004, we obtained legallicense No. 411/BAPPEBTI/SI/PN.01/XI/2004 from Commodity Futures Trading Regulatory Agency (COFTRA). We are located in private buildings in Jakarta and Surabaya, providing investors the comfort and convenience to trade and invest in Foreign Exchange (FOREX), Stock Index Futures, Commodities, etc.

Our Board of Management’s experiences since 1987 in the investment business have equipped us with a strong banking network and connections to all of the world financial centers. In Century, investors need to open onlyone account for transactions in both forex market and stock index market,allowing investors to make their own portfolio.For ease, accuracy, and pleasure of transaction, Century provides facilities which are accessible for 24 hours a day.

Company Profile2 Finance Consultant (FC)

Our trained and experienced Financial Consultantsare guides for investors to obtain recent information and investment recommendations. Every recommendation is based on market analysis and cash management.

Research Development

Our research department, equipped with Thomson Reuters, provides up-to-date news 24 hours a day and daily market analysis.


Our Dealing Room and other departments can be accessed via two hunting numbers, equipped with recording facilities.

Foreign Exchange Trading Facility – Online and Professional

On this occasion, the management of PT. Century Investment Futures would like to thank you for your attention and your interest in our company. We also would like to introduce our service and explain the reasons behind our confidence that PT. Century Investment Futures can provide the best products in foreign exchange market for those who are interested in foreign exchange trading.

PT. Century Investment Futures focuses to develop a foreign exchange trading services that allow clients, both large and small financial institutions, to trade professionally with a high level of service.

Vision to be the best and the most reliable future brokerage firm in Indonesia.
Mision 1. To provide the best quality service for all customers.
2. To ensure comfort and confidence for all customers when trading.

The Greater Accuracy Faster Execution

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